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Rave Reviews

Rave reviews

Rave Reviews From 1:1 Clients

I Have Catapulted My Business Because Of Her Guidance...

Erika’s Programs and Private Coaching are worth every dime you invest in it! I started from a place of total newbie. She held my hand and walked with me through the thick and thin of online entrepreneurship. I have catapulted my business because of her guidance and support.Every hour spent is well worth the investment. My business is on the path to great success because of Erika’s teaching.

Erika is genuine and very knowledgeable in what she teaches. She has done it for herself before she would ever teach it to you. That does not always happen in the online environment.

I would recommended highly Erika, because she gives what she says she will, plus much more.“


Jody Smith | Integrity Business Solutions |



``Before We Were Finished, I Got 4 Satisfied Clients...``

“Erika has been invaluable as a small business coach.  I gained clarity about my target audience, product offerings, marketing strategy and web presence.  In less than 3 months, we created a blueprint and an execution plan, and before we were finished I got 4 satisfied clients.  I recommend Erika to anyone who wants to launch a business, gain momentum, and be strategic in their marketing.”


Lindis Courtney |



``Getting Me Started And Creating A Roadmap...``

“I have worked with Erika to build my coaching business. She was extremely helpful in getting me started and creating a roadmap, it just seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start at the beginning.
Now I have a defined niche and target audience, along with a plan on what my next steps are. It is still a working progress, but Erika gave me the boost that I really needed to start going down the right path.”


Mandy Ho


``She Helped Me Gain Clarity And Confidence...``

“When I first contacted Erika, I knew I wanted to set up a coaching business, but I had no business experience and the idea of starting from scratch was pretty scary. Before getting into the technical side, Erika helped me clarify what exactly I was looking for regarding my coaching activities. That really helped me when I had to take decisions later on.

On the technical side, not only did she use great coaching techniques to make me think about what would be best for me, but she was also willing to throw ideas and share her own experience when I was really stuck. She was encouraging, patient, and ready to support me every single time we talked. That created a positive and challenging environment that motivated me to take action and move closer to my goal every week, but most importantly, she helped me gain clarity and confidence in my ability to set up my own coaching business.”


Coach Mathieu Laflamme, Montreal



``Changed The Way I Look At My Business...``

“I had the pleasure of working with Erika on a VIP Day where we concentrated on my business startup needs for 5 hours. She offered tremendous insights which have changed the way I look at my business. The pre-course and post-course exercises also proved extremely valuable and have helped me to put together tangible business plans which make sense.”


David Norrington





Private Sessions

``Helped Me Think Deeper About My Business And Remove Anxiety...``

“The session we had helped me think deeper about my business. I have changed my website contents and I am very excited to embark myself on this trip again. I have finally decided to focus on coaching for small business teams (restaurants, hotels and family businesses).

Having this new focus on my coaching niche has helped me remove the anxiety I was feeling about this. Thank you very much.”


Jackeline Cobian



``Extremely Competent In Both Coaching, Marketing And Social Media...``

“Being in the ‘foetal stage’ and having little knowledge of how to set up my new webpage for my company, Erika efficiently mentored me through the do’s and don’ts of what I would need to create an effective site.

During the first half she used coaching helping me gain more clarity around my target audience and which message I would like to convey.

The second half was more mentoring, a technical interactive exchange focusing on the basics that my website should have in order to achieve its full potential.

Erika is a true professional in her approach, extremely competent in both coaching, marketing and social media, it was a pleasure learning from her.”


Stacey Wallaberger





``I Felt Like I Was Moving From Hobbyist To Professional In That One Hour Conversation...``

“Erika’s sales funnel conversation was exactly what I needed at the right time. She is very structured, very dynamic, knows her stuff perfectly.

She helped me get more precise about my target market and took me through the steps I need to follow in order to properly market my business.

I felt like I was moving from hobbyist to professional in that one hour conversation! Now it’s up to me to take action 😉 Thanks again Erika!”


Madeleine Royere-Koonings | Spiritual Coach |




Social Media Set-Up Examples

``I Hands Down Recommend Erika To Get Your Platforms Going On Social Media...``

“I am so happy with my new author page on Facebook! Erika made sure my message was clear, she selected the most optimum category for my business, and created some ready-made posts for when the page went live.

With her streamlined information-gathering for the page, the process of setting it up was quick and seamless.

Erika answered my questions and guided me on how to link the new page with my personal FB page and email autoresponder.

She even designed a banner that was in synch with my website branding. I hands down recommend Erika if you need an expert hand in getting your platforms going on social media.”


Cynthia Yoder | Author |

“Erika, thank you so much for your help in assisting us at the Luca John foundation in setting up our Twitter account.

We are really happy with the tweets you put together for us , the concise description of our foundation and the profile picture. It was a pleasure working with you.

Thank you for all of your positive energy and technical prowess.”


Kevin Baranowski, Founder of Luca John Foundation


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The Luca John Foundation



Rave Reviews From Program Participants

``It's not magic, it's just following the steps....``

“I have been distracted with the bright shiny object syndrome for too long. I was looking for focus, clarity and a system to help me get my message out to the masses. Erika’s Get 10 New Clients in a Month program was just what the doctor ordered!
Erika brings together information in a way that is easy to understand, a snap to implement, and with an insight for teaching that so many other online teachers and trainers are missing.
Erika helps not only set up the foundation for your business but how to market in an easy-to-implement way, so traffic flow becomes natural. Social media can feel overwhelming but once you go through Erika’s program, you understand the different steps and then the overwhelm melts away. It’s not magic, it’s just following the steps.
Because of the clarity and focus that came through this course, I now have the beginnings of a new opt-in gift for my community. I also have the outline of the specific programs that will follow that free gift to help address my clients’ biggest problems, and the tools to bring those ideal clients in front of these resources that will help them create sustainable results for their health.
So if you’re done chasing bright shiny objects and you really want the system to get all the effective pieces done to set up your business, this course will deliver what you need… and then some! Thanks, Erika!”

Melissa Brown MD, CPC, ELI-MP  |



``Valuable content, food for my creativity, and good business sense..Erika is a Wiz!``

“Erika’s Get 10 New Clients in a Month course is packed with actionable content. She holds nothing back in her delivery, and she shares really cool resources, plugins and templates. I am so much clearer about how the “mysterious” sales funnel works now!

I have taken other courses, but I really couldn’t figure out how all the pieces worked together.

Erika shares the ins and outs of social media, blogging strategies and partnerships and the roles they play in successful online marketing.

Her  ‘5 success principles’ help keep me on track whenever I get lost or off track, and her ‘Ideal client worksheet’ is pure gold. It’s all here; valuable content, food for my creativity, and good business sense…Erika is a Wiz!


The Goddess Experience with Jessamina  |



``If You Can’t Say Yes To All That Right Now, It’s Time To Rethink The Whole Entrepreneurship Thing....``

“My coaching business was doing well but I wasn’t growing my list as fast or as easily as I wanted.  Sick of the usual freebie, Giveaway Event Secrets (GES) seemed like a fun way to quickly boost my list.  I was wrong. GES is so much more than that! GES is a step-by-step guide, filled with ‘how-would-you-know otherwise’ strategy, that makes creating an organized, well-conceived, successful giveaway event child’s play.  In fact, finishing the models did feel like play.

What Erika is too modest to say is that GES builds more than your list. The planning stages allowed me to create my own community of like-minded coaches for referrals and mastermind, and because of the insights I gained in the course I know I can count on these on and collaborate with these partners for years to come, doubling my return on the investment, at least.  Better still – Erika’s suggestions for making money mean that I’ll recoup my investment on my first event and set myself up for ongoing affiliate income.

If you can’t say yes to all that right now, well, it’s time to rethink the whole entrepreneurship thing.”


Dina Eisenberg |



``From Struggling To List Building Expert....``

“I have always tried to build a good list from my own website, but had only tiny results from it. Then I signed up for Erika’s Giveaway For Coaches event and saw the great results, which convinced me of the benefits of giveaways.

After years of struggling to build my list, I invested in Erika’s Giveaway Event Secrets program where she showed me exactly how to create my own list building giveaway.

Going through the value-packed lessonsI was impressed by the amount of information I got.

As a result of this program, I took action and immediately started my own high-end giveaway, which is now rolling out perfectly. Thanks Erika for revealing your giveaway event secrets!”

Peder Andersen |



``Here Was Something Creative And Fun That Could Really Impact My Business....``

“Before taking Erika’s course I had been struggling with growing my list. I knew I wanted to leverage my limited time and energy, and my past efforts just weren’t cutting it.

When I heard about the Giveaway Event Secrets course I was immediately motivated to enroll. Here was something creative and fun that could really impact my business.

After an intense four weeks with Erika, I’m now knee-deep in the planning phase, working confidently toward my first Giveaway event.  There are lots of little details that go into a successful event, and this course gave me everything I need to pull it off. I’m thrilled with the level of care that went to it. Thank you, Erika!”


Cara Lynn Garvock | Blue Boat Social Marketing |



``Your Program Saved Me Hours Of Time And Stress By Not Having To Reinvent The Wheel....``

“Erika, I just wanted to let you know that your Giveaway Event Secrets how-to program is fantastic!

It was incredibly helpful and saved me hours of time and stress by not having to reinvent the wheel!

It made me and my team so much more organized and professional in putting together our giveaway event with our partners.

So I wanted to say thank you, and say that your program was worth every penny. Thanks a ton!”

Cheryl Heppard |


``Erika's Website Program Helped Me Get Crystal Clear, Even In Areas Where I Thought I Was Already Clear....``

“Erika Kalmar impressed me with her thoroughness and valuable insight.

Through her website consultation, she gave me specific action steps based on where I’m currently at, which are helping me reach my goals and vision of my website.

Plus, the information and worksheets offered through her Client-Catching Coaching Websites Program are so detailed that it helped me get crystal clear, even in areas where I thought I was already clear.

Erika and her program has been, and is, an invaluable resource to me. I highly recommend it for coaches who are in the beginning to moderate level of building their business.”


Judy Graybill | Stepfamily Coach |



``Erika's Website Program Helps You Avoid Making Expensive Mistakes....``

“I decided to go for Erika’s Client-Catching Coaching Websites program because I needed to set up my website. I knew she would provide a great program, since I have participated in some of her other programs.

The program made me realize all the steps that needed to be considered first.

I highly recommend Erika’s program because it gives such a detail and insight to all the needs of website development and really helps you avoid making expensive mistakes.”


– Jody



``Going Through Erika's Coaching Business Start-Up Blueprint Program Has Been A Life Changer For Me....``

“I can’t be more delighted with all the information I have found in the Coaching Business Start-Up Blueprint Program. Going through the whole program has been a life changer for me and my business, it has helped me to see what I was doing right and what the things I needed to implement and improve were.

The modules are easy to follow, the feeling I had after finishing each one of them was that I had a “checklist” full with tips and techniques from where I could choose from and implement it immediately. I feel I have everything to make my business succeed.

The Business Building Blueprint Program is full of business building golden nuggets, each module includes strategies, tips, techniques, how to’s, steps and methods and amazing Ninja Secrets (I loved these ones). One thing that I love about this program is the fact that Erika explains each point with simple words and from her own personal experience and shares with you the things that have worked for her and the ones that haven’t.

Thank you so much Erika, you over-delivered in this program and the bonuses are AWESOME! I can’t thank you enough.”


Jackeline Cobian, Lima, Peru



Rave Reviews From Event Participants

“I am a business owner that signed up for your training series on how to get more clients and I just had to share with you how happy I am after listening to today’s great information. It was awesome and I am going to implement this into my business immediately.

If today was just a preview of the incredible information that is going to be shared during this series, then I am SO EXCITED!

Thank you so much for bringing a training series like this one to business owners like me.”

– Chiara


“Such great information and so much learning for my business and personal development. Loving every training, amazing speakers that are a real inspiration. Thanks a lot Erika!”

– Raehet


“Thank you Erika for this wonderful Giveaway Event! It is such a good idea and I would be interested in how to do it too once I have my business up and running.”

– Lisa

“Great contest Erika! I am loving it!   Thank you so much for all the free gifts and the information you are sharing with us….this contest ROCKS!”

– Jackeline

“Thank you again for this invaluable information… for free!”

– Andrea


“This is really an excellent event. What an amazing contest for coaches. You can learn to market your business, enjoy having fun with the contest, earn points and can win exciting prizes with all the free resources you get. Thanks Erika for creating such a wonderful idea.”

– Ashish


“What a way to mix education with fun!”


“What a gift…so helpful to those starting out! Thank you.”

– LivingWellCoaching1

“Thank you for your gifts. I am very happy with everything I received. Congratulations for an initiative tocontribute our business to always be growing.”

– Lisa

“I so loved your workbook! Excellent, excellent!”

– Cindy

“Such great pearls of wisdom within your interviews!”

– Lynn



Rave Reviews From Partners

``Erika Is An Innovative Promoter....``

“The whole thing rocked! Erika Kalmar is an innovative promoter, incredibly well organized and puts together high quality promotions that are win/win/win!”


Rhonda Hess,



``Erika Does A Great Job Of Making It Turnkey....``

“Erika’s Giveaway for Coaches is a well-run promotion that attracts a large amount of targeted subscribers. Erika does a great job of making it turnkey for participants, so we’ll be back again next year.”


Samantha Hartley | Enlightened Marketing |



``It Was Very Professionally Run....``

“I was asked to be a part of Erika Kalmar’s Giveaway for Coaches and I had a fantastic experience with it! It was not only a fabulous list-building opportunity, but it was very professionally run and the whole process went smoothly.

I am really glad I decided to say yes to being a part of it. Thanks Erika!”


Christine Gallagher |



``The Giveaway For Coaches Is A Tremendous Event....``

The Giveaway for Coaches is a tremendous event that benefits everyone involved. As a contributing partner you get a massive lift for your list building, and the chance to share great value with your community.

The participants get thousands of dollars worth of resources to help them build a successful coaching business.

Erika recognizes that we each have our own special areas of expertise, and by bringing together a group of experts from different areas, coaches get to tap into an incredibly valuable bank of knowledge to help them build a successful coaching business.”


Cindy Schulson | Attract Your Niche |