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Building a profitable business by:


#1: using online marketing strategies to reach a global clientele;

#2: automating sales processes to gain time; and

#3: creating multiple streams of income to enable financial stability.


Ready to rock it in 2016?

Here are some of the key areas we can work on:

They fall under 3 main categories: Strategy, Online Marketing and Technology.


Typically when I start working with a new client, we go through the following main steps:

1. Niche – what you stand for, who is your ideal client and what keeps them awake at night

2. List Building – your lead generation strategy, including your website, blogging, newsletter, social media, partnerships, your own virtual events for growing your list & get your name out on the market in a big way

3. Sales Conversion – your lead conversion strategy, including your sales funnel (product portfolio on autopilot), sales conversations, relationship building, packaging your expertise, sales page copy

4. Technology – tools, technology and resources to use to build your profitable business

5. Planning – creating a system that includes all the above elements so you have a solid business plan, broken down into a yearly marketing plan and action plan.

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How am I different from other business mentors?

#1I’m not the go-to of everyone! I’m serving coaches, consultants, healers and other service-based small business owners with specific core elements of their business. These are – Technology, Business Strategy and Social Marketing.

#2I have a holistic approach. Every link of your business chain has an impact on the others. I’m not seeing only that one single element, but your whole system. System meaning also – not only how a particular strategy or element fits your business, but how it fits your overall life. I want to help you to create a business that serves you – and not the other way round!

#3I don’t believe in magic pills! You’ll never hear me say “follow these 9 steps and these steps only”. Your 9 steps are unique and that’s what I encourage you to discover.

#4I didn’t make it overnight! Which means that I went through the same process of trial and error that probably you are walking right now. I came to insightful conclusions – I know now how I could have shortcut my learning curve and that’s what I can put into the benefit of my clients like you.

#5I come from 20 years’ marketing & sales background, gained in various service-based industries. These experiences helped me to notice marketing elements that work across industries and how they can be translated to a solopreneur’s business.

#6I breathe global. I’ve lived and worked in 6 different countries, am speaking 6 languages and have clients literally all across the globe. It would be my privilege to serve you in this truly global marketplace!

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